Q. What is Take 3?

A. Take 3 is a new payment option available on your Options Account that allows you to split the price of your purchase into 3 equal monthly payments, which you pay no interest on.

Q. How does Take 3 work?

A. It’s so easy, just add your purchase to your Options Account as normal and pay the Take 3 amount shown on your statement each month. You will need to keep making this payment until your the Take 3 amount is clear in order for you to pay no interest.

Q. How do I select Take 3?

A. You do not select anything. In order for Take 3 to take effect you need to make the payment marked Take 3 that will appear on your statement or in My Account.

Q. How will I know how much to pay?

A. A Take 3 payment is indicated on your statement and in My Account.

Q. What is the difference between my minimum payment and my Take 3 payment?

A. Your Take 3 payment will include any items you have purchased which will form part of the Take 3 payment amount, plus any minimum payments due from any previous purchases. The minimum payment is the minimum amount required to keep the account up to date. The Take 3 payment includes the optional Take 3 facility, the minimum payment and any insurance charged to the account monthly.