Bedding Buying Guide

To help you make the best choice of bed from our extensive range, we've asked our experts for some top tips. Just click on a link below, to jump down to further information about the beds area you're interested in:

Bedding Introduction

To help you buy in confidence and select the right bedding for a good nights sleep, the online guide has everything you need to know when buying bedding. We know the importance of selecting the right bedding to sleep on; after all we spend on average a 1/3 of our life asleep.

offers an extensive variety of bedding ranges from plain dye co-ordinates to high quality patterned bedding in Bed Sets, Duvet Covers, Fitted and Flat Sheets and Pillowcases. Many of our patterned ranges are available with co-ordinating throwover and cushions which can be used to create something that little bit special.

Our buying guide therefore explains the different types of bedding, provides details of various fabric qualities and the sizes of our products that we have in our ranges.

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Bedding Types

Plain Dye Bedding

Plain dye bedding is made in one solid colour throughout and is often not patterned or embellished. There are a number of different qualities of plain dye bedding available but all are easily co-ordinated. Most ranges come in fitted sheets, flat sheets, duvet cover and pillowcases.

As a general rule of thumb, the higher the thread count, the better the quality of fabric.

Easy Care Polycotton Easy care polycotton range is made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Easy care means ironing time is reduced after washing.
Crease Resistant This fresh, crisp range has a crease resist finish to make ironing easier after washing. The crease resistant range is made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester
Percale Percale is a fine, closely woven smooth plain weave fabric. This excellent 50% cotton and 50% polyester percale fabric makes products that feel soft are strong and very durable.
Non-Iron Cotton A percale fabric made from 100% pure cotton for those who are looking for extra comfort. Not only is this percale soft, strong and very durable it has a practical non-iron finish to minimise ironing.
Egyptian Cotton A luxury high quality super soft plain weave cotton bedding range constructed from 100% Egyptian cotton. Due to the long staple length of the Egyptian cotton fibre, the yarns and fabrics produced have superior lustre, softness and strength compared to standard cotton fabrics.
Hotel Quality Stylish and elegant, our Hotel quality is luxurious cotton sateen. This premium range has a beautiful soft handle, is wonderfully smooth and has a natural sheen.
Organic Natural, soft bed linen made from Organic Cotton fabric. All our organic cotton is sourced from certified producers who meet stringent environmental requirements with regards to pesticide usage and the use of certain dyes.
Sateen Sateen is usually a cotton fabric that has a satin-like feel. Sateen is 100% woven cotton. Sateen does not refer to the material of the sheet. It refers to the method in which it has been woven. The weave is what gives the sateen its soft, satin-like feel. The material is lustrous and smooth to touch.
Flannelette Flannelette fabric is incredibly soft and cosy. The slightly fluffy appearance and texture is due to the fabric being brushed during manufacturing. The brushing process gives this 100% cotton range excellent insulating properties, helping to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making it an all year round product.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of yarns woven together in one square inch of fabric. Thread counts vary, the higher the count the higher the quality of the fabric. Finer threads usually result in a much smoother and softer fabric. This is the main reason that a higher thread count fabric is much more desirable than a lower count. Having finer threads also means that the threads are slightly more delicate, so it is a must that people use correct care instructions when washing their linens.

Patterned Bedding

Patterned bedding is available in embroidered, embellished, appliqued or printed detailing with designs available from single to super king size with many designs having co-ordinating cushion covers, throwovers and lined curtains.

Embroidered / Embellished Embroidered / Embellished bedding is produced on high quality fabrics. The fabric type is often dependant on the design/style of the duvets; therefore we have numerous fabric types within our ranges to suit all tastes. The level and complexity of the detailing can vary; some styles are subtle whilst others are more expansive.
Printed Printed bedding is when the colour and design is applied onto a woven base cloth. The woven fabrics we use help to produce print designs that are clean, sharp and have excellent colour depth. Initially printed fabrics can sometimes have a harsh handle; we add softeners to most of our designs to alleviate this.

Fabric Terms And Definitions

Pattern or design made by cutting out a separate fabric design or motif and stitching it on to the face of another fabric.
Basket Weave
A simple weave of 2 or more ends and picks woven side by side as one; the finished effect resembling a basket effect.
Medium to heavyweight closely woven fabric in a plain or twill weave. Usually made from 100% cotton, although polyester/cotton blends are available.
A fabric which has a chenille yarn in the weft. A chenille yarn has a cut pile which gives it a soft texture.
A type of weaving method which produces fabric with small repeating designs.
A decorative design or pattern applied to a fabric by means of stitching.
Faux Suede
Fabric woven to resemble suede leather. The suede effect is achieved by sanding/brushing the surface of the fabric.
The threads in the length (warp) of a fabric.
Decorative detail applied to the surface of a fabric in a particular pattern, using adhesive. Finely chopped fibres are applied are applied to the fabric and stick to the adhesive print, forming the design.
Decorative woven fabric produced by means of a jacquard mechanism attached to the loom, enabling detailed/intricate, large scale designs to be produced. Damasks, tapestries and brocades are types of jacquard fabrics.
The threads in the width (weft) of a fabric.
Design produced by means of coloured pigments applied to the surface of the fabric.
A finely woven plain weave fabric with a smooth, crisp handle and a lustrous appearance.
Satin Weave
A traditional fabric with a smooth, lustrous finish, consisting of float yarns on the face of the fabric.
A woven fabric with a short, dense, cut pile which gives a luxurious appearance and soft handle.
A fine, sheer woven fabric with a crisp feel.


Bed Sets
Always include a duvet cover, valance sheet , 1 pillowcase for single size sets and 2 pillowcases for double, king and super king size sets.
Duvet Cover Sets
Always include a duvet cover, 1 pillowcase for single size sets and 2 pillowcases for double, king and super king size sets.
Special Bed Sets
Always include king size duvet cover, a double sized valance sheet and 2 pillowcases.

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Bedding Size Guide

All of our bedding is sized for the beds we sell. Bed sizes do vary according to the manufacturer. It is advisable for you check before ordering.

Duvet Cover

Single Double King Super King*
Length 200cm 200cm 220cm 220cm
Width 140cm 200cm 230cm 260cm

Flat Sheet

Single Double King Super King*
Length 255cm 255cm 275cm 275cm
Width 180cm 230cm 265cm 280cm

Fitted Sheet

Single Double King Super King*
Length 190cm 190cm 200cm 200cm
Width 92cm 138cm 152cm 182cm
Box Depth 25cm 25cm 25cm 25cm

Divan Trim

Single Double King Super King*
Length 190cm 190cm 200cm 200cm
Width 92cm 138cm 152cm 182cm
Box Depth 41cm 41cm 41cm 41cm

Valance Sheet

Single Double King Super King*
Length 190cm 190cm 200cm 200cm
Width 92cm 138cm 152cm 182cm
Box Depth 18cm 18cm 18cm 18cm
Skirt Depth 41cm 41cm 41cm 41cm


Standard Oxford Square
Length 75cm 85cm 65cm
Width 50cm 60cm 65cm


Single Double King Super King*
Length 265cm 265cm 275cm 275cm
Width 193cm 244cm 265cm 265cm

Note: All sizes are approximate.


Flat Sheet
This is placed over a mattress. The sides and bottoms are then tucked under the mattress.
Fitted Sheet
A fitted sheet covers a mattress. It is designed with elastic sewn around the sheet edges so it fits neatly over the mattress.
Divan Trim
Also known as a bed skirt or valance. Is suitable for divan beds and covers the sides of the bed down to the floor. The skirt can be frilled or pleated around the corners. The top of a divan trim fits under the mattress.
Valance Sheet
A sheet that combines both a fitted sheet and divan trim. The top section covers the mattress and the skirt covers the base of the bed. Skirts can be either frilled or box pleated.
Bedspread / Throwover
A sheet that combines both a fitted sheet and divan trim. The top section covers the mattress and the skirt covers the base of the bed. Skirts can be either frilled or box pleated.
A narrow decorative bed covering that rests across the whole width of a bed. These are used to give a made bed a modern stylish look.

For information on curtains, blinds and poles please refer to the curtains, blinds and poles buying guide.

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Bedding Duvets & Pillows


The tog rating and filling type all influence a duvets weight, warmth, comfort and price. We have an extensive range of tog ratings in both natural and synthetic fillings to choose from. Sizes range from single up to super king.

Tog Rating

A duvets tog rating is simply a measure of its thermal properties, the higher the tog rating the warmer the duvet. In general natural fillings out perform synthetic fillings in terms of thermal properties and therefore need less weight to achieve the same tog rating. Look out for our duvets that have special non-allergenic finishes, barrier fabrics for protection against dust mites, advanced fibre technology and superior quality cover fabrics.

Which tog do you need?

4.5-7.5 tog Duvets suitable for summer use.
10.5-13.5 tog Duvets suitable for all year round use and are ideal for homes with central heating or for those who share a bed.
15.0-20.0 tog Duvets suitable for extra warmth during the cold winter months.

We also have the popular 'all seasons' duvets in our range. These consist of 2 separate duvets, one suitable for the summer and a warmer one for autumn and spring. For the winter months you simply combine the 2 together for extra warmth.

Natural Fillings Natural fillings make very comfortable duvets as they are soft, light and more durable than synthetic fillings but the main benefit is that these allow your skin to breathe. Our natural fillings range in quality from duck feather to luxurious Goose down. Most natural fill products will require professional cleaning as it's crucial that they are dried thoroughly and this may not be easily achieved at home.
Synthetic Fillings In the majority of cases the synthetic filling of a duvet will be Polyester fibre. Duvets with Polyester fillings can be regularly cleaned as they are much easier to wash and dry compared to natural fillings, making them an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. With advancing fibre technology synthetic fillings are increasingly more comparable to natural fillings in terms of weight and warmth and are generally less expensive to buy.


One of the main considerations when selecting a pillow should be finding the right balance between comfort and support. A pillow with a soft filling will cradle your head but will not support your neck where as a firmer pillow will provide more neck support but less comfort. Like duvets we have an extensive choice of pillows with conventional natural and synthetic fillings but in addition we have memory foam.

Pillows do have a shorter life cycle than duvets due to the pressure our heads exert on them. Natural fillings do tend to retain their shape and levels of support longer than synthetic fills but we would recommend you change your pillows on a regular basis.

Natural Fillings We use feather and down or a combination of both in our natural fill pillows. Feather filled pillows tend to be firm and offer good support, down filled pillows are much softer for exceptional comfort.
Synthetic Fillings In the majority of cases the Synthetic filling of a pillow will be Polyester fibre and like duvets these can be machine washed usually at 60oC, the temperature at which dust mites are killed. All synthetic pillows are non-allergenic and represent excellent value.
Memory Foam Memory foam is a 100% visco-elastane temperature sensitive material that offers optimum support for your head and neck. Memory foam pillows are available in traditional and contour versions.

Mattress Protection

In order to pro-long the life span of the products we sell, protect against soiling, add a layer of comfort and in most cases create a barrier against dust mites we recommend our mattress and pillow protection products.

We have a full range of mattress protection, we have products for basic protection against soiling and general wear and tear, waterproof products to protect against minor spillages and anti-allergy products.

If you are looking for something more lavish we have quilted products that not only offer protection but an extra layer of comfort and warmth too. Memory foam toppers are available if you require extra support from your mattress.

Pillow protectors offer great protection against soiling, feather leaks and dust mites.

All our protection products come in standard sizes and are easily fitted to mattresses and pillows.

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