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  • Lightweight design features nylon upper and lower canopies, a durable fiberglass shaft and a flexible FRP rib frame. Wind release system, featuring the patented windlock system allows wind to escape between upper and lower canopies minimizing inversion during storms and high winds. Patented safty runner allows for smooth opening and closing. Custom molded two colour handle is made to fit comfortably in your hand or securely in your push cart. Swoosh design? printed on front and back panels.

  • Made for when it starts getting a bit chilly wile you ride, these have been made from breathable stretch fabric to provide a second skin and lock some warmth in. Grippers at the end ensure that they stay secure and don't ride up while in the saddle. A very useful and compact accessory for your kit bag. Do not wash above the temperature stated on the garment label. ( Ideally below 30°C) For Techinical wear - best use - Grangers 2 in 1 cleaner and Waterproofer.

    Colour: Black.
  • I-Beam tools are brilliant tools for the ride. The technology used in their creation makes them strong lightweight and compact and all I-Beam tools fold into neat rectangular shapes that will fit easily in bags packs and pockets. A development and re-design on the IB2 this new shape has the same tools but is now more compact and lighter. The tools themselves are now forged for compact mounting while still maintaining their durability.As well as the hex wrenches and screwdriver there is also a T25 Torx driver which covers most fixings on a bike. Straight blade screwdriver for adjusting screws on brake and gear components. 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 and 8mm hex wrenches cover most fixings on a bike including most crank bolts.

  • To add stability to the front end of your bike when riding on a trainer this ElastoGel Travel Block helps with balance and is a vital accessory to training at home.Made with an ElastoGel insert and deluxe base the block creates a level training position by raising the front wheel to the same height as the rear when on the trainer. Overall this will contribute to improving balance and the Travel Block can be clipped on to the handle of the trainer for simple storage when not in use. A really useful piece of kit.

  • Secures your Virb Elite to your bike frame, ski pole, or any other small tube surface. Fits tube diameters ranging from .75 -1.5 inches. Comes with thick or thin inserts to ensure a perfect fit. Mount Virb to a pole or other small tube.

  • Captures your daily fat and calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled and activity time. Wear on your hip or in your pocket. Quickly sync data to MapMyWalk app, the largest community of fitness walkers Use MapMyWalk tools to challenge and motivate. 1 year battery life.

    • Fashionable neat fitting eye protective glasses
    • Polycarbonate lenses
    • Slim frame resulting in no restricted vision
    • Adjustable strap
    • Excellent value
    • unior has white lenses
  • This are a training version of the Traditional Grappling Gloves and so are made from PU material rather than leather. Just like the Traditional Gloves this also features protection made up of EVA foam padding and is held securely in place with a wrap around Velcro strap closing.

    Colours: Black/White, Pink.
  • Taking on the right amount of fluids to keep you performing at your best is a tricky science that takes meticulous planning. Don't leave anything to chance with this innovative intelligent hydration gauge from CamelBak.The Flow Meter not only informs you whether you're drinking enough but whether you'll have enough water for the rest of the ride too. This brilliant digital Flow Meter converts any CamelBak reservoir into an intelligent hydration system taking the guesswork out of drinking on the go. Uniquely it's compatible with all CamelBak hydration systems both new and old.


    • Water gauge - measures the amount consumed and the amount remaining in the reservoir
    • Water management - continuously calculates the estimated time to empty
    • Hydration goal - monitors fluid consumed versus your personal adjustable hydration goal
    • Easy to set up
  • As the leading Pro road racing bottle brand it was only going to be a matter of time before Elite entered the triathlon market. The Aeton TT has been wind-tunnel tested to ensure minimum disruption of airflow and a fixing bracket is included fitting all popular brands of aero bar with easy Velcro attachment.The closed top prevents drink getting contaminated or spilt during your ride while the silicone valve mouthpiece allows for a fast intake of fluids to match your speed.100% BPA-FREE construction no plastic taste. 750ml capacity.

  • A high performance warmer, this provides a perfect balance of warmth and insulation while you ride. Designed with performance in mind, there is no restriction of movement.


    • Dual density fabric construction
    • Pre-shaped ergonomic design
    • Silicone grippers
    Colour: Black.
  • A great looking trail glove, the Mayhem glove is built with comfort, performance and durability in mind.


    • Stretch windproof construction
    • Durable palm with critical reinforcing
    • Stretch cuff with Velcro adjuster
    Colour: Black/Red. Neoprene, Polyester.
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