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    The most compact member of our iconic award-winning Evoke family, Evoke D2 is a portable DAB digital and FM radio with real walnut veneer casing and contemporary styling. Looks good, sounds great Evoke D2's stylish good looks aren't just for show the wood casing, tuned speaker and latest digital amplifier ensure class-leading audio, so it sounds beautiful too. Switch on to digital radio DAB digital radio brings you high detail, digital quality sound, lots of stations (many exclusive to digital) and scrolling text displaying track titles, programme info and more. Digital radios automatically find all your available stations and let you select them by name, and there's also FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital. Compact but feature-packed With its small footprint, Evoke D2 makes an ideal bedside or kitchen radio. Features include 20 presets (with four quick access buttons), kitchen and sleep timers, tone or radio alarm, stereo headphone socket and aux-in for your iPod or MP3 player. Evoke D2 also takes an optional Pure ChargePAK B1 rechargeable battery pack for portable listening.

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    This Pure Jongo T4 Wireless Speaker is perfectly compact, while the wireless streaming gives you complete access to all of your digital music.

    You can easily sync it to your smartphone, laptop or MP3 player using wi-fi or Bluetooth for stunning sound in seconds, giving your MP3s the powerful audio they deserve.

    You can use them in pairs, syncing over the wi-fi for stereo sound or multiroom listening. It also has a versatile design and can stand-alone or be wall-mounted vertically and horizontally so you can place them wherever you want for a great listening experience.

    The free Pure Connect app means you can even use your smartphone as a remote, so whether you’re listening to your favourite album or wanting to enhance the audio for movie night you’ll be in complete control.

    It also syncs perfectly with the Pure DAB Internet Radio (item number 3UYWV) so you can listen to your favourite tunes or radio station anywhere in the house.

    For those who really want to crank up the volume the Pure Jongo T6 boasts 100 watts of power, see item number 3VYGL.

    Useful info:

    • 50 watt speaker
    • Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity
    • Wall mountable
    • Multiroom listening
    • Free Pure Connect app
    • Dimensions: W 305, D 146, H 165 mm
    • Weight: 3 kg
    • Pure Jongo T4 Wireless Speaker - Black

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    3 Year Protection £11.00

    The Pure One Mini Series II DAB radio is an ideal travelling companion, giving you great radio you can share any time any place.

    Despite its compact dimensions, the Pure One Mini DAB radio gives you punchy audio quality and volume, with simple controls and easy access to features.

    If you haven't experienced digital radio yet, you're in for a treat – there's more station choice, extra information on the display and crisp, clear digital-quality sound.

    The Pure One Mini also offers FM radio, 16 presets, an auxiliary input for your iPod/MP3 player, a headphone socket and a USB socket for future upgrades.

    You can also use an optional ChargePAK B1 (not included) for hours of portable listening. The Pure One Mini DAB radio in also available in White – see item number 2CYX7.

    Useful info:

    • Digital and FM radio
    • 16 presets (8 digital, 8 FM)
    • Aux input for iPod/MP3 player
    • Satin-touch finish
    • 3.5mm stereo headphone socket
    • textSCAN to pause and control scrolling text
    • Add new features as they become available via USB
    • Dimensions: H 12, W 10, D 5.5 cm
    • Pure One Mini Series II DAB Radio - Black

  • One Classic Series 2 is a DAB digital and FM radio that looks great, sounds fantastic and is easy to use. With our Listen Later feature which enables you to record your favourite programme and play it back later, smooth satin-touch finish, a choice of colours, an input for your iPod or MP3 player and digital radio pause and rewind, One Classic Series 2 has something for everyone. If you're new to DAB digital radio you'll love the high detail, digital quality sound, lots of stations (many exclusive to digital) and scrolling text displaying track titles, programme information and more. Digital radios automatically find all your available stations and let you select them by name, and like all our DAB digital radios, One Classic Series 2 also includes FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital. One Classic Series 2 takes an optional rechargeable ChargePAK C6L for portable listening, reducing the cost to you and to the environment. Alternatively you can use six standard C size alkaline batteries. Features also include pause and rewind of live digital radio, kitchen and sleep timers, and a backlit display. DAB digital and FM radio. Listen Later to record your favourite programme. Pause and rewind digital radio for up to 15 minutes. Adjustable bass and treble. Input for iPod or MP3 player. Pause and control scrolling text. Takes an optional ChargePAK C6L for portable listening. Easy to use tone or radio alarm (mains power only) Kitchen and sleep timers. 30 presets (15 digital, 15 FM).

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    3 Year Protection £29.00

    Fashion designer Orla Kiely has applied her instinctive love of pattern, colour and texture to the iconic Evoke Mio radio.

    Featuring Orla's Striped Petal print in Clementine on the front and back, a mirror chromed folding handle, walnut veneered cabinet and white fascia, this portable digital radio fits will look great in your home, on the beach or on a picnic.

    An easy-to-use compact radio with great audio and chic design, the Pure Evoke Orla Keily radio also features a kitchen timer, alarm and auto-dimming OLED display, as well as an input for your iPod/MP3 player so you can enjoy your digital music collection.

    You also get the ability to pause what you're listening to and control the scrolling text, which even includes information about the station you're listening too and the song currently playing.

    If you want a soundtrack to a day out to the beach or park, it also takes an optional ChargePAK (rechargeable battery pack - not included) for portable listening.

    Enjoy crystal clear reception with the built-in DAB and FM radio options, plus 30 presets. There's also a handy alarm feature to get you moving in the morning using either a beep tone or the radio.

    Useful info:

    • DAB digital and FM radio with 30 presets
    • Front and rear feature Orla Kiely Striped Petal - Clementine print
    • Input for an iPod/MP3 player
    • Auto-dimming OLED display
    • Pause and control scrolling text
    • Kitchen and sleep timers
    • Easy to use tone or radio alarm (mains power only)
    • USB connector for product updates
    • Takes an optional ChargePAK E1 for hours of portable listening
    • Pure Evoke Orla Keily DAB radio

    Colour: Clementine Print.
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