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  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £27.00

    This versatile Hoover Purepower bagged vacuum cleaner is designed to tackle any job, big or small, to keep your home dirt and dust free.

    The powerful 2100 watt motor means it can handle everything from a quick clean-up to a full day’s work and with edge-to-edge cleaning it tackles dust right up to the skirting boards for a spotless finish.

    With an impressive 4.2 litre dust capacity you won’t have to keep stopping to replace the bag, so you can have your floors clean in double quick time. There’s also a convenient indicator light to let you know when to change the bag.

    The 3-layer bag is designed to make sure no dust or dirt escapes when you’re changing it too, for minimal mess.

    A carpet height selector means you can tailor it to suit everything from hardwood floors to shagpile carpets for an even better clean. A filter also helps to reduce allergens and bacteria in the home so you can breathe easy.

    The onboard tools make light work of the more difficult jobs. A long crevice tool helps to clean those hard to reach areas while the furniture nozzle ensures that your sofas and chairs stay dust and dirt free.

    Useful info:

    • 2100 watt
    • Weight: 7.4 kg
    • Dustbin capacity: 4.2 litre
    • Carpet height selector
    • Edge-to-edge cleaning
    • Washable filter
    • Power cable: 6 m
    • 3 layer bag
    • Bag full indicator light
    • Flat back cleaning
    • Includes a long crevice nozzle and rigid extension tube
    • Includes a dusting brush and furniture nozzle
    • Hoover Purepower Bagged Upright vacuum cleaner

  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £72.00

    The stylish Hoover VHC580NC condenser dryer has a large capacity to suit busy family life.

    With a large 8kg load, you can get your washing dry in double-quick time - ideal when you need to get the family up and out in the morning or you need that essential item for a big night out, as well as the perfect way to avoid having washing constantly hanging up around the house, causing condensation.

    There are 4 levels of sensor drying settings, so it can give your clothes all the TLC they deserve to ensure you get plenty of wear out of them. A reverse spin action reduces tangling and creases, keeping any ironing to a minimum.

    The Hoover VHC580NC condenser dryer has a timer that can go up to 150 minutes and also has a delay start feature of up to 9 hours to fit around your needs.

    A large porthole door also makes this Hoover tumble dryer easy to load and empty, which saves you time and looks after your back.

    Useful info:

    • 8 kg capacity
    • Condenser dryer
    • C energy rating
    • 4 level sensor drying
    • Programmes include Wool, Refresh, Relax and Rapid
    • 150 minute timer
    • 6/9hrs delay start
    • Reverse action - reduces tangles
    • Hi / low heat settings.
    • Empty Water and Filter Care indicators
    • Large door for easy opening
    • Dimensions: H 85, W 60, D 60 cm
    • 5-year parts guarantee
    • Hoover VHC580NC sensor condensor tumble dryer

    Colour: White. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £63.00

    The Hoover VTS612D21 washing machine's Intelligent Wash System constantly monitors and adjusts the wash process, resulting in optimum performance throughout every cycle.

    The 6 kg wash capacity is ideal for smaller households, keeping your costs to a minimum. This Hoover washing machine has an A+ rating for energy, so it's kind on your budget and your clothes.

    The versatile range of 16 programme options includes a 30-minute Rapid wash that's ideal when you need to get the kids' school clothes ready in a rush or you need that special top for a big night out. A large porthole takes the strain out of loading and unloading.

    A handy digital display keeps you informed about how long a cycle has left to run. Just 40 cm deep, this compact washing machine is handy when space is tight.

    A 1200 rpm max spin speed also helps get your clothes dry quicker. A delay start feature lets you fit your washing in around your lifestyle.

    This Hoover washing machine is also available with a 1400 rpm spin speed – see item number 2CTRZ.

    Useful info:

    • A+ energy rated, A rated wash, B rated spin
    • 6 kg capacity
    • 1200 spin speed
    • Slim 40cm depth
    • Intelligent Wash System and 3D dynamic wash
    • Countdown digital display
    • Variable spin speed
    • 16 programmes
    • Rapid wash
    • Sensitive care
    • Delay start up to 9 hours
    • Start/Pause function
    • H 85, W 60, D 40 cm
    • Hoover VTS612D21 washing machine - White
    Colour: White. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • HOOVER helpline: 0844 499 5599.
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £72.00

    The Hoover VTV580NC vented sensor dryer's large 8 kg capacity and a 4-level sensor drying system is designed to take care of your clothes.

    Just choose between Iron dry, cupboard dry, extra and bone dry – and the motor will stop automatically when the desired dryness has been reached.

    There's a delicate wool finish cycle for items that need a little more TLC and a rapid 40 programme for when you need something in a hurry – perfect for when you want for favourite outfit for a big night out!

    A reverse tumble action make ironing a breeze and a delay start feature lets you use your Hoover dry even when you're out of the house.

    Useful info:

    • 8 kg capacity
    • C energy rating
    • 4 sensor dry programmes (extra, cupboard, iron and bone dry)
    • Delicate wool finish cycle
    • Relax and refresh programmes
    • 2 heat settings
    • Rapid 40 programme
    • Delay start
    • Reverse action
    • Up to 150 minutes timed drying
    • Delay start
    • Filter care indicator
    • Vent hose supplied
    • H 85, W 60, D 60 cm
    • Annual energy consumption -580 kwh
    • Decibels - 67 dBa
    • Hoover VTV580NC vented sensor dryer
    Colour: White. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £55.00

    This Hoover HZ54BE Freezer can easily fit underneath your kitchen counter, with an attractive black finish for a contemporary look.

    The 82 litre capacity means there’s room for your favourite foods, with 4 clear drawers so you can always find exactly what you need. An A+ rated energy also helps to keep your household bills down.

    A reversible door ensures you can fit this Hoover freezer into any corner, while the smart black finish adds a stylish touch to your kitchen without the need for a complete makeover.

    Useful info:

    • Dimensions: H 85, W 55, D 58 cm
    • A+ energy
    • Net capacity: 82 litre
    • Manual defrost
    • Reversible door
    • One year labour and 5 year parts guarantee
    • Annual energy consumption: 184 kWh
    • Noise level: 40 dBa
    • Hoover HZ54BE Under Counter Freezer

    Colour: Black. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £89.00

    The versatile Hoover WDYN755DB washer dryer will look after all your clothes, helping you can get everything clean and dry with double quick time.

    There are 18 cycles to chose from, including sports, delicate, wool and handwash, as well as range of quick washes, including a 14-minute rapid cycle that's perfect when you need something in a hurry.

    There's also a Rapid 59 Wash & Dry programme that will make life easier and ensure you soon get all the family's clothes looking sharp and smart. In KG mode, an intelligent sensor weighs the laundry at the start of a cycle, then adjusts the wash time, water and energy consumption to suit the size of the load.

    A 7 kg wash capacity – equivalent to up to 35 shirts – helps you get through the washing basket quickly and you can dry a 5 kg load in a single cycle, removing the need to hang clothes up around your house or for a separate tumble dryer.

    There are 3 sensor drying levels: iron dry, store dry and extra dry, with the option of up to 120 minutes of programmed drying.

    Useful info:

    • B rated energy, A rated wash, A rated spin dry
    • 1400 spin speed
    • Variable spin speed
    • 7 kg wash capacity; 5 kg spin
    • Delicates, woolens, silk/handwash cycles
    • 3 levels of Sensor drying
    • LED display
    • Rapid 14, 30, 44 minute wash
    • Rapid wash and dry 59 minute
    • Energy consumption wash and dry 6.10 kwh
    • Water consumption wash and dry 115 litres
    • Annual energy consumption 272 kW
    • Noise level: wash 60 dB; spin 81 dB
    • H 85, W 60, D 54 cm
    • Hoover WDYN755DB washer dryer - Black

    Colour: Black. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £71.00

    The Hoover VT814D21 washing machine will come to rescue when you find yourself in a rush with nothing to wear.

    The Hoover VT814D21's choice of 16 programmes includes a rapid 30-minute wash cycle – and with a 'nearly dry' 1400 rpm spin cycle, your clothes will be ready to go in no time.

    The high and wide porthole is ideal for fast, easy loading, while an impressive 8kg load capacity means you can get all your washing done quickly.

    A time delay feature of up to 23 hours lets you set the Hoover VT814D21 to start while you're out of the house.

    This Hoover washing machine is rated A+ for energy thanks to its intelligent wash system, which will save you money by keeping your bills to a minimum.

    Useful info:

    • A+ rated energy, A rated wash, B rated spin
    • 8kg capacity
    • 1400 spin speed
    • Digital countdown display
    • 16 programmes including Rapid 30, wool, handwash and sports
    • 3D Dynamic
    • Intelligent wash system
    • Wash phase indicator
    • 23 hour delay/start
    • Variable spin speed
    • H 85, W 60, D 54 cm
    • Hoover VT814D21 washing machine

    Colour: White. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £55.00

    Hoover HGM61/1X 60cm Stainless Steel Curved Glass Chimney Hood.

    This Hoover 60 cm stainless steel decor hood comes complete with curved glass and will look stylish in any kitchen setting and will keep condensation and odours under control. 3 speed settings operated by push button controls enable you to select the level of extraction required. The HGM61X can be extracted or re-circulated and comes supplied with charcoal filters as standard.

    2 x 20 Watt halogen lights deliver perfect illumination directly on to the cooking area. Halogen lights are more energy efficient than other lighting systems. The extraction rate of 470m3/h is capable of removing most cooking odours effortlessly. The HGM61X comes complete with a washable grease filter. The tempered curved glass combined with the stainless steel will enhance the overall impact of your kitchen.

    Useful info:

    • 60 cm Curved glass decor hood
    • 3 Speed settings Push button controls
    • 2 x 20 Watt Halogen lights
    • Timer Filter saturation indicator
    • Extraction or Re-circulation modes
    • 1 x Metal grease filter
    • Charcoal filters included
    • Extraction rate 470m3/h Noise level (max) 57 db(A)
    • Air outlet 15 cm
    • No return valve
    • H 63.5 - 96.5, W 60, D 49 cm

    Colour: Stainless steel. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    4 Year Protection £152.00

    This Hoover HED120S Dishwasher frees you from scrubbing at the sink and lets you put your feet up after a long day.

    It has space for 12 place settings so it can easily clean crockery after a big family meal. It also comes with an impressive 12 wash programmes including a rapid wash when you’re short on time, along with an intensive setting that’s ideal for shifting stubborn stains.

    A low noise level of 54 decibels and a start delay function means you can run it overnight to have your dishes sparkling clean come breakfast time. The upper basket can also be adjusted to accommodate pans and there are 6 wash temperatures to ensure you’re completely in control.

    The sleek stainless steel finish gives it a contemporary look, while the A rated energy helps you to keep a lid on your household bills.

    Useful info:

    • Dimensions: H 85, W 60, D 60cm
    • 12 place settings
    • 12 wash programmes
    • Intensive, economy, delicate and rapid
    • 6 wash temperatures
    • Salt and rinse aid refill indicators
    • LED display
    • Adjustable upper basket
    • Start delay
    • A rated energy; A rated wash; A rated dry
    • Water consumption per year: 3350 litres
    • Energy consumption per year: 291 kWh
    • Noise level: 54 decibels
    • 5 year parts guarantee
    • Hoover HED120B Dishwasher

    Colour: Silver. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £75.00

    The Hoover DYC7813NB Condenser Dryer features smart technology and a wealth of programmes for perfect results every time.

    The 4-sensor dry programme lets you choose how dry you want your garments – extra dry, cupboard, iron and bone dry – taking the guesswork out of doing the laundry so you save energy and don’t damage your clothes.

    This Hoover Dryer boasts 11 programmes to give you great control over your laundry. The 40-minute cotton programme is perfect for quickly drying your jeans if you’re running late to pick up the kids, while the relax programme uses cool air to freshen up your clothes.

    A large 8kg drying capacity gives you enough room for the equivalent of 24 T-shirts, ideal for a busy family. This drier is front loaded too, making it easy to use.

    The unique Aqua Vision Reservoir has been integrated into the door, so you don’t have to carry an awkward water condenser – saving you lots of effort.

    Useful info:

    • Dimension: H 85, W 60, D 60 cm
    • 8kg capacity
    • B energy rating
    • Unique Aqua vision
    • 4 sensor dry programmes (extra, cupboard, iron and bone dry)
    • Fast iron, relax and refresh programmes
    • Delicate wool finish cycle
    • LED countdown display
    • Annual energy consumption: 561 kwh
    • Noise: 64 dBa
    • Hoover DYC7813NB Condenser Dryer – White

    Colour: White. HOOVER helpline: 08444 995599
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £31.00

    Hoover TP71 TP01001 Turbo Power Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

    With multi-cyclonic no loss of suction dust separation technology, Turbo Power has the benefit of exceptional cleaning reach. This vacuum boasts a total reach of up to 17m, a supersize bin and a Pets Turbo brush. With a top class A energy rating, Turbo Power is designed with money saving efficient motors for great dust pickup.

    • NLOS Multi Cyclonic technology
    • 17m Total reach cleaning
    • Full 13 stairs cleaning
    • Pets turbo brush for awkward pet hair
    • Weight: 8.1kg
    • Energy: A-rated
    • 27kWh/year
    • Carpet: C-rated
    • Hard floor: B-rated
    • Emissions: G-rated
    • Noise: 89dB

    HOOVER helpline: 0844 499 5599.
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