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  • Murad Man Razor Burn Rescue

    Murad Man Razor Burn Rescue prevents razor burn, shaving irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Glycolic acid removes dead skin cells and impurities from hair follicles while a unique blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories heal and soothe the skin. This redness-reducing and blemish-fighting formula ensures that you have clear, smooth healthy-looking skin every day and any discomfort from shaving is a thing of the past.

  • Murad Man Face Defense SPF 15

    Murad Man Face Defense SPF 15 infuses skin with shine-free moisture while antioxidants and broad spectrum sun cream protect against environmental damage, sun damage and ageing. The oil-free formula absorbs quickly and is full to the brim with antioxidants to ensure maximum skin health. This unique product, designed especially for men's particular skin concerns will ensure skin is healthy, smooth and clear all day long.

  • Murad man cleansing shave prepares skin for a superior shaving experience. Murad's beard softening complex and exfoliators ensure even stubborn hairs are uncovered, while antioxidants protect the skin and a rich lather makes for a comfortable shave. Relax and be confidant that your skin will be smooth, soft and completely calm.

Results: 1 - 3 (of 3)
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