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  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £13.00

    Bring all your music to life with the compact Gear4 PG533 HouseParty Rise 2 Bluetooth® Wireless Speaker Dock.

    The Gear4 HouseParty Rise 2 is the ultimate Bluetooth® wireless speaker dock for your bedroom, packed with both aptX Bluetooth and app-enhanced technology.

    You can stream music wirelessly with advance audio coding, and seamlessly control every feature of the speaker from anywhere in the room. Another wireless feature is the dimmable LCD display.

    You can also select a 12 or 24-hour alarm clock with the option of being woken up by a classic buzzer sound, FM radio or your iPod music. A rotary volume dial with full touch and snooze control provides additional functionality.

    You can be confident that the time on the clock radio will always be totally accurate thanks to automatically syncing with your device, including any alarms already set-up within the SmartLink app.

    Looks-wise, this Bluetooth® wireless speaker dock has a beautiful curved fabric design and high-gloss finish.

    You can also use the Houseparty Rise with any music player, laptop or tablet using a 3.5 mm jack.

    Useful info:

    • Gear4 HouseParty Rise 2 Bluetooth® wireless speaker dock PG533
    • Dock for iPod/iPhone (30 pin connector)
    • Bluetooth® enabled and app enhanced
    • Stream music wirelessly
    • 3.5 mm jack for other digital devices
    • Use your iPod/iPhone as a remote control
    • 12 or 24-hour alarm
    • Alarm: classic buzzer, FM radio or iPod
    • Rotary touch dial
    • High gloss finish
    • Line-in port
    • H 14, W 36, D 13.5 cm

  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £13.00

    The Gear4 Airzone Series 3 AirPlay Speaker gives you wireless access to your entire iTunes music collection.

    Stream music wirelessly from the device in your hand and listen to loud, clear acoustics with easy access to every song, every playlist – perfect for creating a mood from a Friday night party to Sunday morning relaxing with the papers.

    You can also use AirPlay through more than one device in more than one room – fill your home with music using these compact Gear4 Airzone speakers with access to your full music library all round the house.

    It's incredibly simple to get going thanks to a one-touch Wi-Fi set-up and 16 watts of deep, rich sound ensure your music really comes to life.

    The Gear4 Airzone Series 3 AirPlay Speaker's USB charging port lets you charge up your iPod, iPhone or iPad, even while listening to the contents at the same time. A Line-in port also connect with other music players for maximum versatility.

    Useful info:

    • AirPlay enabled
    • Charges iPod/iPhone/iPad
    • Enhanced acoustic sound
    • Line-in port for use with other music players
    • One-time set up with FREE app
    • Gear4 Airzone Series 3 AirPlay Speaker
    • H 19, W 35, D 13 cm
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