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  • Service Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £66.00

    With it's quiet sound, turbo fan drying and low water consumption, the Beko DW686 Integrated Dishwasher saves you time, effort and money.

    It has 13 places settings so there’s plenty of room for your dishes, cups and cutlery. An integrated design (dimensions: H 82, W 60, D 55 cm) means this dishwasher slots effortlessly into your kitchen.

    EcoSmart technology and an A++ rating keep a lid on bills, which could save you the equivalent energy for up to 71 dishwasher loads a year. Low water consumption also means it uses only 10 litres of water per wash.

    This dishwasher features a turbo fan drying system for superior results. It has 8 programmes including intensive for stubborn stains and economy for lighter loads. It also has 6 temperatures give you total control over your wash.

    An LCD display lets you quickly and easily see how everything is progressing, while a timer lets you delay the start of each wash for up to 9 hours.

    At only 44 decibels it’s extremely quiet – the equivalent of a library! - so you can go about your other jobs in peace.

    Useful info:

    • Dimensions: H 82, W 60, D 55 cm
    • A++ energy rating
    • Saves water and energy
    • LCD display
    • 13 place settings
    • Quiet sound
    • LCD Display
    • Beko DW686 Full Size Deluxe Integrated Dishwasher

    Colour: Stainless Steel. BEKO helpline: 0845 600 4906.
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £15.00

    Get rid of bad smells and troublesome grease build-up with the UH60SS Chimney Hood.

    With its stylish stainless steel colour scheme, this 60 cm hood is perfect for smaller kitchens.

    You can easily adjust between 3 fans speeds thanks to simple-to-use, push button controls.

    You can quickly vent your kitchen thanks to an extraction rate of up to 350 cubic metres an hour, while 2 grease filters absorb residue to keep bad odours at bay.

    It also features 2 lights to make your cooking easier and more comfortable.

    Useful info:

    • UH60SS Cooker Hood
    • 60cm chimney hood
    • Stainless Steel
    • Motor rating: 120
    • Max noise level: 52 DbA
    • Max extraction rate: 350
    • 3 fan speeds
    • Push button controls
    • Includes 2 grease filters
    • Features 2 traditional lights
    • Dimensions: H 19, W 60, D 48.5 cm

    Colour: Stainless steel.
  • Make odours and condensation a thing of the past with the sleek and powerful Indesit IHP65FCMK Built-In Chimney Cooker Hood.

    This stylish hood boasts an impressive top extraction capacity of 451 cubic metres a second, while 3 fan speeds help you make short work of smells from even intense cooking tasks.

    Push button controls are simple and intuitive to use, while halogen lights illuminate what you’re cooking and add ambiance.

    Robust and stylish, its pyramid design and black colour scheme add a modern look to your kitchen.

    Useful info:

    • Indesit IHP65FCMK Built-In Chimney Cooker Hood – Black
    • Pyramid design
    • Charcoal filter included
    • 3 fan speeds
    • Maximum extraction rate of 451m/hr
    • Noise level: 70dB
    • 2x halogen lights
    • Charcoal filter
    • Dimensions: H 68.5, W 59.8, D 50 cm

    Colour: Black. INDESIT helpline: 0800 092 1922.
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £55.00

    This Indesit INS1612 Integrated Fridge has plenty of room for your family shopping and fits neatly under your worktop or behind a cupboard door.

    With a capacity of 144 litres there’s no shortage of space for all the essentials. There’s 3 shelves made from robust safety glass and a salad drawer to keep everything right where you need it.

    The reversible door can be switched to open from either the right or the left for maximum convenience. It also has 3 shelves built in for keeping things like eggs, milk and bottled drinks.

    This fridge also has antibacterial protection built in for added peace of mind. An A+ energy rating helps keep a lid on energy bills and is kinder to the environment.

    It also has an auto defrost function to save you the hassle of having to defrost the fridge regularly.

    Useful info:

    • Indesit INS1612 Integrated Fridge – White
    • A+ energy rating
    • Auto defrost
    • Net fridge capacity: 144 litres
    • 3 glass safety shelves
    • Reversible door
    • Fits under your worktop or behind a cupboard door
    • Annual energy consumption
    • Dimensions: H 87.5, W 54, D 57.5 cm

    Colour: White.
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £55.00

    The Indesit INC325AA integrated fridge freezer can be slotted into an existing niche in your kitchen for a hassle-free update.

    Despite a compact build (H 177, W 54, D 55 cm), there's still plenty of room inside, with a 150-litre capacity fridge and 85-litre freezer, so you can easily find room for all your shopping.

    It's rated A+ for energy, which means this Indesit fridge freezer is kind on both your bills and the environment.

    The fridge features 3 safety glass shelves and 2 salad crispers, plus plenty of storage space in the door. Antibacterial protection keeps your food fresh for longer.

    There are 3 large freezer compartments, giving you plenty of storage space. You even get a handy ice cube tray.

    Reversible doors mean it can be slotted into any corner of your kitchen and a 5-year parts guarantee gives you peace of mind.

    Useful info:

    • Dimensions: H 177, W 54, D 55 cm
    • A+ energy rating
    • 150-litre fridge capacity
    • 85-litre freezer
    • Auto defrost fridge
    • Manual defrost freezer
    • Adjustable thermostat
    • 3 safety glass shelves
    • Ice cube tray
    • Reversible door
    • Anti-bacterial protection
    • Annual energy consumption - 282 kwh
    • Noise level - 55 dBA
    • 5 year parts and 1 year labour guarantee
    • Indesit INC325AA integrated fridge freezer
    Colour: White.
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £76.00

    Give your kitchen a makeover with the versatile Hotpoint DHS53CXS integrated double oven.

    There's no need to rip your whole kitchen out when you can keep your units and radically update their look with this stylish double oven.

    The programmable timer that lets you preset what time the ovens turn on and off. You can set it to come on an hour before you get in and your meal will be ready. This model has two extra functions - defrost and slow cook. Unheated air is circulated around the oven to defrost your food quicker and more hygienically than leaving it out on the side.

    The roomy 65-litre main oven can be used for either fan or conventional cooking and the 35-litre upper oven includes a variable grill. Catalytic liners are in both ovens which keeps them clean from dirt and grease. A 5 year parts and 1 year labour guarantee also gives you peace of mind.

    You can also match it up with a Hotpoint integrated electric hob (see item number PD990) or a gas hob (3WCVH).

    Useful info:

    • Dimensions: H 88.7, w 59.7, 57.7 cm
    • Multifunction - fan and conventional
    • Main oven: 65-litre capacity
    • Second oven: 35-litre capacity
    • A rating energy
    • Slow cooking feature
    • Variable grill
    • 5 year parts and 1 year labour guarantee
    • Hotpoint DHS53CXS integrated double oven
    Colour: Stainless Steel. HOTPOINT helpline: 0800 092 1922.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    4 Year Protection £49.00

    Give your kitchen a makeover with the stylish Beko OIF21300W built-in electric fan oven.

    The A rated, 65-litre capacity electric oven includes 4 functions and an integrated full-width variable grill to make maximum use of your space.

    With a double glazed window door, internal light and a handy minute minder, you can easily keep on an eye on how your delicious dishes are progressing. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

    Useful info:

    • Dimensions: H 59.5, W 59.4, D 56.7 cm
    • Fan oven with LED programmer
    • Massive oven capacity - 65 litre
    • 20% more energy efficient than A class
    • Full width variable grill with recessed grill element
    • 4 function fan oven
    • Full size enamel cooking tray with internal grill rack
    • Easy clean, double glazed oven door with full glass inner door
    • Total energy consumption 2.3kW
    • A rated energy
    • 2 year warranty
    • Beko OIF21300W built-in electric fan oven - White
    Beko helpline: 0845 600 4911.
  • Service Guarantee Labour Only available:
    3 Year Protection £55.00

    Candy's FDP6109X double ovens combines the attraction of simple styling with exceptional quality. Its flat front styling, clean cut lines and carefully positioned controls are in line with the latest cooking trends. This multi-function oven comes with a touch control LED clock/programmer and 7 functions and lets you decide the best function to suit your cooking requirements. With a choice between fan, conventional, fan assisted, fan assisted grilling giving full cooking flexibility. The LED programmer enables you to set the start and end of cooking time so that your meal is ready on your return. This oven not only has a large capacity of 65 litre it also come with a full width variable grill, defrost and Pizza function. Anti-tilt shelf system for added safety. A-20% Energy efficiency rating saves 20% more energy than a standard A rated oven therefore keeping your energy usage to a minimum. The FPE609/6X features the AquActiva steam cleaning system that helps to remove even the most stubborn burnt on food residues and grease spatters from the oven cavity. It's quick and easy to use, simply pour around 300ml of water into the shallow recess at the base of the oven cavity, select the static function and the AquActiva programme on the dial and set the timer for 30 minutes. The oven is then heated to a temperature of 90°C. When the cavity has cooled down it can simply be wiped over with a cloth. Candy ovens are fitted with an integral fan cooling system, this constantly circulates air around the oven controls to help to protect them and the surrounding kitchen furniture. It also avoids the development of condensation on the oven door. H 595, W 595, D 550 mm.

    Colour: Black. CANDY helpline: 08444 995599
  • Replacement Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £16.00

    The stylish Hotpoint HHP65CMBK Built In Chimney Cooker Hood tackles nasty kitchen odours and helps prevent condensation.

    This hood has 3 fan speeds with an extraction rate of up to 451 cubic metres an hour to make short work of cooking odours and help tackle nasty grease build up in your kitchen.

    Designed to be wall mounted, this hood comes with a carbon filter and grease filter to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

    It features 2 halogen lights to illuminate your hob to make cooking easier and more convenient, while a contemporary black colour scheme makes this hood as stylish as it is practical.

    This hood is made of washable aluminium and the filters are dishwasher safe for total convenience. A one year manufacturer’s guarantee also gives you added peace of mind.

    Useful info:

    • Hotpoint HHP65CMBK Built In Chimney Hood – Black
    • Push button controls
    • Extraction rate: 451m3/h
    • 3 speeds
    • 2x 20-watt halogen lights
    • Comes with carbon filter and grease filter
    • 70 decibels
    • Mechanical booster
    • Washable aluminium
    • 12-month manufacturer's guarantee
    • Designed for wall mounted installation
    • Suitable for ducted or recirculating operation
    • Dimensions: H 685, W 600, D 500 mm

    Please note: Ducting Kit required if venting externally.

    Colour: Black. HOTPOINT helpline: 0800 092 1922.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £52.00

    With 5 ceramic elements, this Belling CH77TC Built-in Ceramic Hob gives you plenty of room to try out the latest recipes and create tasty family meals.

    The 2 small hobs are ideal for simmering sauces and soups, while the 2 medium zones give you space to boil pasta and rice too. The central dual hob means you can really turn up the heat to make a sizzling stir fry and plenty of culinary delights to impress guests.

    With 9 power settings and touch controls, you can easily adjust the heat to suit your needs. The residual heat indicator lets you know when a zone is still cooling down too, along with a child lock to give you extra peace of mind.

    The sleek ceramic surface creates a contemporary look and ensures you can easily wipe this Belling hob down to keep it looking great.

    Useful info:

    • Dimensions: H 1, W 77, D 52 cm
    • 5 ceramic elements
    • 2 small zones (1.2kW)
    • 2 medium zones (1.8kW)
    • One dual zone (0.7 - 2.2kW)
    • Ceramic surface
    • On/Off key
    • Touch controls
    • Child lock
    • Timer
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Auto heat up and shutdown
    • 9 power settings
    • Belling CH77TC Built-in Ceramic Hob

    Colour: Black. BELLING helpline: 0844 248 4149.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    4 Year Protection £61.00

    The stylish Leisure H91PK Chimney Cooker Hood helps rid your kitchen of bad smells and condensation.

    It has 3 fan speeds which can be changed easily through the simple push of a button, giving you complete control. A grease filter and carbon filters trap bad odours, leaving your kitchen smelling great.

    This 90 cm Leisure cooker hood has an extraction rate of up to 400 cubic metres per hour for fast venting when you need it most that's suitable for both small and large kitchens.

    The 2 halogen bulbs provide extra light as you cook, while a black colour scheme adds contemporary style to your kitchen.

    Useful info:

    • Recirculation carbon filters
    • Grease filters
    • Noise level: 61 dB
    • Recirculation extraction
    • 3 speeds
    • 2 x 40-watt halogen lights
    • Ducting kit required if venting externally
    • H 56, W 90, D 48.5 cm
    • Leisure H91K 90cm chimney cooker hood - Black
    Colour: Black. LEISURE helpline: 0845 600 4921.
  • Service Guarantee available:
    3 Year Protection £49.00

    The great value White Knight C43AW tumble dryer slots neatly into the existing niche in your kitchen units.

    The 6 kg capacity will soon dry out plenty of washing, ensuring everything is ready to wear again in double quick time without all hassle of draping it over radiators all round the house.

    With 2 heat settings and a handy timer, you can adjust this versatile dryer to suit whatever load you give it.

    A reverse action and final cool-down tumble keep creasing to a minimum and makes ironing a breeze. It only emits low level noise, causing minimum distraction, so you can run it at any time of night or day.

    Adjustable legs ensure a snug fit with your kitchen top and the door can be hinged either left or right to suit your space.

    Useful info:

    • 6kg capacity
    • 2 heat settings
    • Reverse tumble action
    • Drying chart on fascia
    • Adjustable legs
    • Final cool-down tumble
    • Hinge pack
    • Easy access fluff filter
    • Door hinged left/right
    • H 86.5, W 59.6, D 53 cm
    • White Knight C43AW integrated tumble dryer

    WHITE KNIGHT helpline: 01422 203 963.
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